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Wild Wellness is inspired by working within a statutory health and social care environment, for over 25 years with clients who either had a range of mental health needs including depression, anxiety and trauma and/or with those who lacked self-esteem, confidence or felt stuck and demotivated.

I offer the following services:

Life-coaching / Finding your wild


These are  1 to 1 or group sessions that focus on the things in life that we are struggling to cope with, to change and/or that are holding us back in life or perhaps we just need someone to talk to, to listen, to understand and then support in moving forward. It's good to talk and life-coaching is a very good place to start.

Life coaching is available via telephone, via zoom or other similar chat media or face to face including in an outdoor space, which is often known as Eco, Nature or Green Therapy.


Client KV stated that her coaching sessions had been "life changing, and without them she would have never been able to achieve what followed"  She went on to win a youth film award and now works on a range of well known TV productions.


Client BF stated "Nothing has really worked, there was never enough time before it came to an end, but for the first time I am confident I am getting somewhere"

Find you wild therapy / Ecotherapy


These again are 1 to 1 or group sessions and work very well in reducing anxiety and stress, improvement of low mood, self-esteem and confidence and in the longer term reduces the reliance on medications commonly used to treat many mental health conditions.  Results over the three years of trialing "a Way to wellness" have seen some very positive outcomes, most notably with those diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and trauma related disorders including BPD/EUPD and PTSD.

Client SA stated this about Eco-therapy: "I never felt comfortable talking about my feelings in the confines of a room, but sitting on a log and being regularly joined by a friendly robin, or gently strolling through a field of buttercups, I could just let it all out and I always went away feeling better and could not wait for another session."

Client MA stated "Why is this not available on prescription, I've been taking medication for years but it's never made me feel better, but Ecotherapy is, I need this" (Client MA wanted me to add that they have started volunteering with a local environmental charity and this would have never been possible prior to the therapy)

Eco-therapy can be carried out while walking, it can be a short or longer walk or while seated within a green space.

a Way to wellness is offered as a one to one therapy or as part of a group walk for up to 25 people that uses a unique version of the "6 ways to well-being"  as a guide to managing and improving mental health.

An initial consultation is free.

For more details, send a message via the "let's chat" box below.

Or Email:

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Wild Wellness

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