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Wild Words: Themed Walk Experience

Inspired by the words of William Wordsworth’s “I wandered lonely as a cloud” poem, Wild Words, combines a walking, well-being and words themed experience designed to inspire the creative mind just waiting to escape from within all of us.


Initially created to take place on and around the beautiful and inspiring North Downs Way in Kent and Surrey, this experience is suitable for any local outdoor settings.


You don't need to be a poet or even be that great with words, all you need is to do is come along, have some fun, meet with new people and the words and what we say or don't say or however we say them will take care of themselves.  

Wild Words (we use words to create) or (we create  without words)

On each walk we will simply be led and inspired by what we discover and mindfully interact with while walking together.

Each walk will include stories, folklore, legend and myths  and other informative facts about the trees, flora, fauna, birds and animals that we encounter.

Walks will all be taken at a gentle pace with plenty of time to rest and enjoy the environment around us and if we are feeling inspired, time to write, draw, paint, sketch, create, photograph or just sit in quiet contemplation.

For more details, send a message via the "let's chat" box below.


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