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Combining a passion for walking, writing, the natural world with the knowledge and experience gained working in adult mental health and social care and in developing community projects for all ages, culminating in being given the opportunity to become a North Downs Way Ambassador, the following pages bring together a range of individual and group walk, therapies and experiences as summarized below. Please click photos for more details of each.

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Just how would you describe in words an area of outstanding natural beauty like the one above or the texture of a leaf or the smell of a primrose or the taste of a dewdrop on the tip of your tongue.

a Way with words is a themed walk where the creative writer or the poet within all of us is inspired by what we encounter and discover on a walk on and around the North Downs Way or other outdoor space.

With every step taken and every corner turned there is a new and ever changing story to be told when on a walk in the woods, in the countryside, in the town centre, in the park or anywhere we may walk.

aWay in the woods is a walk where the stories, the folklore, the legends, the myths, the horrible and the pleasant histories of the trees, the flora, the fauna and the wildlife will be told.  A unique, fun and educational walk taken at a gentle pace. 

It has been well documented that a walk in nature can be beneficial to our physical and mental wellness, reducing worries, fears, stresses and brain fog and improving memory, concentration and self-esteem.

a Way to wellness, is an experience designed to help manage our mental health. using the six ways to wellness as a model, Walks will be at a gentle and relaxed pace with plenty of time to rest, to chat and to carry out activities, alone or together.

All experiences, walks and green therapies were designed to be carried out on or in the nearby towns and villages of the North Downs Way, however each experience has been designed to take place and be flexible enough to be carried out in any suitable outdoor location.

Walks are designed to be as green as possible, where using public transport to get to and home from the location and where using local businesses to buy "pre" or "post" walk refreshments or other gifts or provisions is encouraged.

Some walks will include a visit to a local cafe or pub as part of the experience.

Walks and therapies can be tailored for individual need and can be short or long, easy and flat or harder with some rugged and challenging terrain and gradients.

I'd be delighted to share with you the beautiful North Downs Way, and the new artworks that are now in position.

My favorite walks from Wye to Chilham, Wye to the Crown and Devils Kneading Trough and many others, whether this be for small or larger groups.

Just walk and talk, themed, activity - the choice is yours

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