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This page features a selection of love poems
about love, what love can be and the love we find along the way of life
Sometimes in life
You are blessed with a Very Special Friend
A Friend who is always there for you, 
A Friend that shares in all your ups and downs, 
A Friend that loves you for what you are, 
A Friend that cares about every part of your life,
BIG and Small
 A Friend so connected, that you... 
think the same thoughts, 
dream the same dream,
suffer the same pains,
cry the same tears,  
worry the same worries, 
laugh the same laughs,
raise the same smiles, 
 Pray the same prayers.
This is a forever friendship.​
And when you find this friend
You have found your special friend
Your Soulmate
Your Angel
This poem is dedicated to 
My Angel.
Angel on the shore
It was early September
The summer breeze still warm.
I watched the sunset that night
Sitting on my bay side rock,
A single shadow in the moonlight
Alone with my God.
In the darkening evening sky
A star dropped from the heavens above.
There was such a calm around me.
The gentle light it smiled
As it fell into the ocean.
I thought it had died then
But no, it danced upon the water,
And with every gentle rolling wave
It drew closer.
It was calling my name
Beckoning that I come to meet it.
I stood up and walked cautiously towards it
As the cooling water
Swirled around my ankles.
The light I could nearly touch it,
So bright I closed my eyes.
I turned to look back at the rock, I once sat
And there she was,
An Angel on the shore,
A reflection of God's love on the sand
Just looking into my eyes.
We reached out in that moment
Our hands and then our hearts met.
We spoke, I don't remember the words,
They were lost in the breeze.
In the still of the night,
We smiled, we embraced,
No longer alone in our thoughts.
Was this a dream?
Each new dawn
The waters ebbed and flowed,
The sun, the moon
Did rise and fall
But we still sit here,
The light still glowing
Ever stronger than before.
Our hearts are warmed
As we watch more lonely stars,
Each single one,
Someone's answer to a prayer
Tumble from the cool night sky
This could be a dream...
But every day I awake to a new sunrise,
My Angel, she still sits here
On our rock, with me.
Where sadness once sat
Only happiness now reigns
My shining star, my Angel
So glad you came my way.
As we sit here in the moonlight
Now a single shadow,
Alone here with our God
Angel forever with me
Under every star lit sky.
And one year later...
Angel on the shore:  A celebration of love
My Angel on the Shore,
As we sit here on our rock,
One year, I celebrate with you today
But time means nothing to me
A year is just a moment in our eternity.
There are no endless days of searching now,
No more nights of tearful loneliness, 
For our love is as far reaching
As the distant sun
Setting on the horizon,
As deep as the ocean
Gently breaking on the sands.
From that moment we first met
Our hearts were molded together
That single spark of friendship
Now an eternal flame of unconditional love.
My Angel here with me,
Oh, how the stars
Reflect your beauty and your warmth.
One word, one smile
Produces a crescendo of everlasting passion
That overwhelms my whole being,
And melts my heart as you whisper
I echo your words, "I Love You", my Angel 
And like a thousand nights in endless union
Our bodies out-glow a million twinkling galaxies.
Without a single touch
We are joined always and forever,
Two people in one body
Complete in love, two become one soul.
Eternal Flames forever, glowing in the dark.
We sit here holding hands today, on our rock
Our dreams fulfilled,
Our hearts full of happiness and joy,
And as we look at our reflection
In the waters at our feet
We see just one shadow.
My Angel on the shore,
I know we're meant to be,
This day we celebrate our love,
This day will ever be,
Two hearts that beat together
As our bodies they embrace.
And our lips they come together
And all my love is just for thee.
A dream for all seasons
When the winter days are short and the nights so very long
You always fill my heart with a warm and loving song
When I dream, it's You and I together
When I dream, it's You and I forever
When the spring rain falls, and the March winds blow
You bring forth new life and help me to grow
When I dream, it's You and I together
When I dream, it's You and I forever
When the summer sun does shine and stays awhile
Your love still out-shines it, and makes me widely smile
When I dream, it's You and I together
When I dream, it's You and I forever
When autumn colours abound and the leaves begin to fall
You continue to colour my life and still give me your all
When I dream, it's You and I together
When I dream, it's You and I forever
Whatever the day, the season or year
I feel you close and your presence so near
When I dream, it's You and I together
When I dream, it's You and I forever
Throughout this day, throughout eternity
No matter what the season, it's always you and me
Love is...
Love is like an ever-burning candle,
Sometimes it may flicker, but it never can go out.
Love is warmer than a summer's day,
That no northern wind can chill.
Love is knowing how and when to listen,
Even though we do not always understand.
Love is to show forgiveness
Even when it seems to hurt.
Love is sharing all our needs
Which will pass away with a caring smile.
Love is like a peaceful flowing river
Once it's cleared the fearful rocks.
Love is not making criticism,
But encouraging one another.
Love is never boastful,
For we can do no better.
Love is showing patience
No matter how long it takes.
Love is living joyfully, in harmony together.
Showing care and compassion to one another.
Love is giving to all we see around us,
Because it's what each of us requires
Love is a burning desire, deep within our hearts,
This is the kind of love we need, a love that never departs.
Please note:  all poetry featured on this website is copyrighted and is not to be reproduced without permission or without crediting the source and author.

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