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Wild Walking

A wild range of age appropriate, guided walking and hiking experiences of varying lengths in wild open spaces, including local parks, ancient woodlands, on a national trail or off the beaten track, designed and themed for family, small or larger groups.

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Wild Wellness

It has been well documented that a walk in nature can be beneficial to our physical and mental wellness, reducing worries, fears, stresses and brain fog and improving memory, concentration and self-esteem. 

Wild Wellness, is natural therapy and life coaching designed to help manage our mental health, using the "six ways to wellness" as a model. Walks will be at a gentle and relaxed pace with plenty of time to rest, to chat and to carry out activities, alone or together.

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Wild Words

Inspired by the words of William Wordsworth’s “I wandered lonely as a cloud” poem, Wild Words, combines a walking, well-being and words themed experience designed to inspire the wild creative mind just waiting to escape from within all of us.

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